Target Blu Eye

We all at some time or the other may have experienced the following situation: you are held at a traffic light, listening to the radio and all of a sudden there is an ambulance with sounding siren and flashing lights behind you. You panic and try to find a way to make space and let it pass as soon as possible.
Would it not be much better and specifically much safer if a warning could appear inside your vehicle long before the arrival of the emergency service vehicle? Target Blu Eye is such a warning device.

Facts and Figures

European statistics with regard to the number of accidents with emergency vehicles are not available. However, in The Netherlands for example, police cars were involved in almost 20.000 accidents in the period 2008-2009.

The estimated material damage and personal injuries amounted to over 50 million euros. Dutch statistics about car accidents with ambulances and fire trucks are unknown. However, accidents with these emergency vehicles also happen every day. (Source: Algemeen Dagblad 2010)

The recent Dutch report, “Als je niet ter plaatse komt” (If you do not arrive on the spot …) shows that most accidents occur at a crossroads, mostly with traffic lights and on roads in urban areas. The most common causes of accidents are approaching emergency vehicles not being seen or heard by other road users and their response with unexpected and dangerous maneuvers to make way for the emergency services.

Statistics showed that in the UK, 137 fatalities were registered due to accidents with only police cars in the period 2007-2012 (Source: Independent Police Complaints Commission)

Mirror stated that only police cars are responsible for more than nine road smashes every day. Officers admitted causing 3,357 crashes in 2008, an average of more than 64 a week. At least 2,492 of the victims were driving another vehicle. (source Mirror 4 May 2009)

In Belgium the federal police was involved in 270 accidents in 2011. The damage to police vehicles amounted to € 830.000,-. Note that these figures are only related to the Belgium federal police, not taking into account total loss damages and accidents with local police cars. (Source: 2013)

In Hamburg, Germany, statistics showed there have been 244 accidents with emergency vehicles in 2012, which led to 36 casualties and a total damage to emergency cars of € 389.000,-. (Source: Bürgerschaft der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg).

Target Blu Eye will help prevent this type of collisions thanks to a unique and globally patented safety system that gives you an early warning for approaching emergency services.

Legal in Europe

The use of Target Blu Eye is permitted in Europe. After all the system only informs about the presence of emergency services. Therefore Target Blu Eye adds to your safety and that of others in those countries where the TETRA network is used.

The seven advantages of Target Blu Eye (plus one we do not mention)

  1. Warns you for approaching emergency services such as marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire trucks.
  2. Increases your own safety and the safety of other road users.
  3. Prevents material damage and personal injuries.
  4. Allows you to behave as an exemplary road user in the vincinity of emergency services (the advantage we obviously do not mention)
  5. Easy to operate.
  6. Discreet installation in every car. The control display can be integrated in the rear view mirror (optional).
  7. Free lifetime firmware updates.

Product information

Target Blu Eye: Based on Tetra Technology

The innovative and new traffic safety system Target Blu Eye consists of a main unit, a control display and an external antenna. The system is based on the Airwave (TETRA) network. If an emergency service, e.g. a police car, is nearby, you will be warned in advance with an acoustic and visual alert. The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to see at first glance whether an emergency vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.

Acoustic warnings

The communication system used by emergency services in your country generates two types of communication patterns. Target Blu Eye recognizes both patterns and produces two different acoustic signals. All signals indicate the presence of an emergency service close to you.

For more detailed information, go to the user manual in the Download Center

Visual warnings

Besides acoustic warnings Target Blu Eye also generates visual warnings by means of the signal strength meter on the control display. If an emergency vehicle approaches you, regardless from which direction, the signal strength meter gives you an estimated indication about the distance between you and the emergency vehicle.

Sensitivity mode

Two sensitivity modes can be selected on the Target Blu Eye control display:

  1. Highway mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers the highest sensitivity, which allows the system to recognize emergency services from a large distance.
  2. City mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers a lower sensitivity. This mode is recommended for use in urban areas.

De detection range of Target Blu Eye varies from hundreds of meters up to approximately one kilometre. The range depends on the selected sensitivity mode and the environment.

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