Lasertrack Flare


Increasingly more laser speed traps

Traffic is a worldwide hot issue, which it should be. Governments use various ways in this day and age to check the drivers’ speed. For instance Average Speed Cameras(SPECS), mobile- and fixed radar speed traps and unmarked video cars are being used. Lately the police have increased the use of laser speed guns for speed enforcement. Undoubtedly you have seen a policeman standing next to the road, ‘armed’ with a laser gun. Perhaps you have even been stopped and treated to a significant fine.

LaserTrack Flare: unique all-in-one laser product

With over 20 years of experience in the field on advanced laser technology and in cooperation with leading optical specialists, we have developed a very powerful and compact all-in-one product: LaserTrack Flare. In this highly innovative system transmitter and receiver were placed in one housing. The unique LaserTrack Flare is not only the most powerful of its kind, but offers many more distinctive advantages.

LaserTrack Flare: the ultimate weapon against laser guns

LaserTrack Flare: the ultimate weapon against laser guns LaserTrack Flare is an innovative multifunctional remote control combined with the most advanced laser speed trap protection-technology, which offers you, as a user, many advantages. As a remote control the LaserTrack Flare is allowed to be used anywhere in the world, whereas in countries where the laser speed trap protection is not permitted, you can easily switch it off via our web application. This way there can be no misunderstanding about the way you use your LaserTrack Flare.

  • As a remote control only: legal worldwide
  • As a remote control in combination with laser detection: legal worldwide
  • As a remote control in combination with laser protection: consult your national legislation*


  • A fully automatic remote control for all brands of electric gates, garage doors and outdoor lightning.
  • Up to 50 vehicles have access to each gate or door. All with their own unique security code.
  • Average range in clear vision situations:> 100 meters.
  • If allowed in your country, LaserTrack Flare can be programmed online to offer full and invisible (stealth) protection against all police laser guns being used in Europe. 
  • With LaserTrack Flare we introduce a novelty of world-class in the field of invisible protection against laser guns: Accurate Pulse Return. Stealth jamming, without jammed code in the laser gun display, most manufacturers already do. With APR we go a whole step further. Modern laser guns now no longer show a deviating sound pattern during measuring attempts of vehicles equipped with LaserTrack Flare.
    Stealth as stealth should be!
  • No legal issues. As a remote control, LaserTrack Flare is fully legal worldwide.
  • By pressing and holding an individual button on the display, the factory settings will be restored and only the remote control function remains active.
  • Fully programmable and updatable on our web interface.
  • Fully invisible integration of transponders inside the license plate frame (available from March 2018).
  • The extremely small and robust transponders each have their own 32bit 180MHz processor for outstanding performance and maximum reliability under the heaviest circumstances.
  • The advanced lens systems with IR pass filters for the transponders are developed in cooperation with leading optical specialists. The lenses guarantee a maximum amplification of incoming light and a large aperture angle. That in combination with the highest electronic amplification in the industry leads to a new standard in sensitivity.
  • The minimal display of LaserTrack Flare, again the smallest of its kind by far, ensures timely audible and visual alerts in your car and is designed neutrally, yet stylishly. Optionally the display can be positioned completely out of sight inside an existing space in the dashboard.
  • Correct alignment of laser transponders is decisive for their reliable operation. By default, the alignment in the laser industry is done with a spirit level. Experience shows that no guarantee can be derived from this. That is why we have developed the Infrared Camera Tester. This makes the transponder’s infrared light image visible on a laptop screen for correct alignment. Both vertically and horizontally. From now on always drive with perfectly aligned transponders: a relaxed feeling. 
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  • The LaserTrack Flare transponders make use of a network-protocol and are interconnected. As such they are really easy to install as per transponder group only one cable has to be routed through the vehicles firewall. This saves a significant amount of time and costs.
  • The casings of the LaserTrack transponders are manufactured in a thermal automotive casting process for maximum reliability under extreme conditions. As the only laser manufacturer in the world we warrant our transponders for life time on water ingress*.
    * Transponders that have been modified or transponders that show heavy physical damage are excluded from this warranty.
Laser comparison

Comparison of the size of different laser systems

System 1System 2LaserTrack Flare
Laser system 1Laser system 2LaserTrack Flare

LaserTrack Flare is the most innovative remote control and the most powerful laser-protection ever. In addition, LaserTrack Flare is substantially smaller than any existing systems and can be installed simple, reliable and virtually invisible in every car.

LaserTrack Flare Technology
LaserTrack Flare: based on infrared laser technology
LaserTrack Flare: based on infrared laser technology

Infrared laser systems with a wavelength (frequency) of 904 nanometres, are used on a worldwide scale for measuring distance and speed, because of their exceptionally narrow beam and high degree of insensitivity for atmospheric circumstances. The advantage of an exceptionally narrow beam, the laser beam, is that an object, for instance a car, can be ‘pointed at’ with great precision at a distance of hundreds of meters. This way, within a fraction of a second, distance and speed can be measured. This is all done entirely invisibly as the infrared beam cannot be identified by the human eye. The best known laser systems are the laser guns used by the police to carry out speed enforcement.

LaserTrack Flare: flawless distinction between different laser systems

The highly sophisticated and ultra-compact LaserTrack Flare is, for reasons of integrity, equipped with the same technology as that which is applied in the police laser guns, offering you, as a user, a great advantage. The system makes a flawless distinction between the signals of its own remote control-transponders, the many laser-safety devices* and alternatively the police laser guns.

* for instance laser-cruise-control systems

Contributing to a comfortable and pleasant way of driving

Opening the gate of your garden or garage door is done fully automatically by LaserTrack Flare. You do not even need to push a button! As soon as your car comes within reach of the garden gate or garage door, the necessary access code is exchanged automatically and the gate or door will swing open. For safety reasons, the system makes use of more than 4 billion codes and up to 50 different vehicles, each with their own code, can be programmed into the system.

En route LaserTrack Flare recognises other road users using laser-safety devices without giving notification. LaserTrack Flare does not interfere with these safety devices. Whether or not the speed readings of police laser guns are detected or even prevented, depends on the settings selected by the user.

  • Remote control 
    Ex-factory, the LaserTrack Flare functions exclusively as a remote control. This mode is allowed anywhere in the world. An audible and visual warning on the display indicate that the remote control-mode is active.
  • Laser speed trap detection-mode
    This mode is allowed to be used virtually anywhere in the world. Please bear in mind that this mode is not substantially protective. A laser gun needs less than half a second to measure the speed of a vehicle. If LaserTrack Flare alerts you in such a case, there is no time left to correct your speed. An audible and visual warning on the display indicate that the laser speed trap detection-mode is active.
  • Laser speed trap protection-mode
    This mode is not allowed in most European countries. If the protection mode is activated,  it is important to be aware that the protection against the police laser gun is of a temporary nature. This should give you enough time to, if necessary, adjust your speed. An audible and visual warning on the display indicate that the laser speed trap protection-mode is active and, as such, no laser gun speed reading can be performed.The multifunctional and obviously 100% legal LaserTrack Flare contributes to a comfortable and more relaxed way of driving, due to its compact size, the sleek designed transponders and high-end technology. This specifically applies to the sporty driver.